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Adult Lunch Bag

Adult Lunch Bags

Add brightness to your nine-to-five with a Fluf adult lunch bag today! Our stylish and durable lunch bags are made from preshrunk and machine washable certified organic cotton and water-resistant lining to perfectly store snacks, lunches and drinks throughout the day. With chic patterns and practical designs, our adult lunch bags will have everyone wishing they packed lunch too.

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We get it, you're busy. With such busy schedules and having to bounce quickly from one place to another, you need a sturdy and durable adult lunch bag that'll keep your food fresh and cold throughout the day. Well, look no further than Fluf's spacious adult lunch bags. Made from preshrunk and machine washable certified organic cotton, water-resistant lining free of unwanted chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and lead, each bag exceeds even the highest of safety standards. Furthermore, the water-resistant lining works in perfect tandem with ice packs to keep your lunches, drinks and fruits cool throughout the day.

Don't worry about stains or spills. Our adult lunch bags are easy to clean! Simply rinse the lining with soap and water, then toss the adult lunch bag into the washing machine! Before you know it, your lunch bag will be good as new and ready for another day on the go.

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Whether you're in search of an eco-friendly option, or to brighten up your nine-to-five, our selection of adult lunch bags are the key to lunch bliss. Lightweight and spacious, our large adult lunch bags hold everything from thermoses, containers and drinks without being squished and scrunched by lunchtime. Shop our wide selection of colourful and practical large adult lunch bags today.

With a wide variety of designs ranging from Rainbows, Text and even Hockey, Fluf adult lunch bags are the perfect take-along for yourself. To brighten up lunchtime again, shop our wide selection of colourful and practical adult lunch bags at Fluf today.