Lunch Bags For Kids

Make their first experiences in the class as fun as can be with Fluf lunch bags for kids! Your child will love their bright colours, patterns, and quirky characters, and you will love how easy they are to clean! For practical and durable lunch bags for kids, that'll bring excitement back to lunchtime, shop at Fluf today.

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It goes without saying that lunch bags for kids take quite the beating. Between being stuffed into backpacks, tossed around and having both food and drink spilled on and in them, sturdy lunch bags for kids are essential for both kids and adults. However, when you buy lunch boxes for Fluf you don’t have to worry about tearing material or messy cleanup. Our lunch boxes are made from preshrunk certified organic cotton and are made to last!

Clean up can be the worst part of packing lunch. However, if your children forget to bring home their lunch bags for kids, or you forget to clear out their contents at the end of the day, there’s no need to worry! Simply rinse the lining with soap and water, and throw the lunch bags for kids into the washing machine. Before you know it, your child’s lunch bag will come out fresh and clean, ready for another day. Furthermore, we know that your children's’ safety is your #1 concern. However, with Fluf lunch bags for kids, you can breathe easy. Each reusable lunch bag is made with certified organic cotton, water-resistant lining, and feature easy snap closure to exceed the highest of safety standards and give you peace of mind.

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Lightweight and spacious, our lunch bags for kids hold everything from thermoses, containers and drinks without being squished and scrunched by lunchtime. To brighten up lunchtime again, shop our wide selection of colourful and practical lunch bags for kids.

With a wide variety of designs ranging from Cars, Emoji's and even a King Shark, Fluf lunch bags for kids are the perfect take-along for your children and yourself. To brighten up lunchtime again, shop our wide selection of colourful and practical lunch bags for kids today.