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For school lunches, hold the plastic baggies! It's not news: we know that we are drowning in packaging and single-use plastics. Most schools have gone "litterless", but kids' school lunches continue to generate huge waste.

Snack Packs

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Kick the disposable baggie habit with Fluf's reusable snack & sandwich bags today.

Making the switch from disposable, single-use packaging to reusable lunch containers is one small step in the right direction – and a completely manageable one. Practical and functional, healthy and safe, Fluf’s reusable snack & sandwich bags are the perfect replacement for disposable lunch packaging.

Great lunch box. I’ve had this for over a year. Use it daily, it holds up great, is easy to clean.
Rachel, January 10, 2019

Our favorite lunch bag of all time! I’ve purchased so many lunch bags for my family over the years. One with compartments, one with food trays, one with cup holders – you name it, I have it. Everyone loves this one for some reason!
Posh Gypsy, March 16, 2017

Fluf reusable snack bags are all about ease of use.

The packing and unpacking of lunches is an endless (and thankless!) chore, so Fluf bags are designed to make things easier for you and your little ones. Fluf snack bags measure a roomy 6" x 6.25" x 0.75" – which is ample space to comfortably fit a sandwich, or fold the snack bag over for smaller snacks. And with a Velcro® closure, Fluf snack packs are easy for small hands to open & close independently.

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Snack Packs

Fill, Eat, Rinse, Repeat


Independently tested healthy & safe.

We regularly perform healthy, safety and quality testing on all of our products to make sure that they are free of a whole range of toxins and chemicals. Our reusable sandwich & snack bags are made with certified organic cotton and a water-resistant, polyester lining, and are tested food-safe. They are certified to be free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, heavy metals, AZO, fire retardants and formaldehyde.

Everything we make is reusable, durable and meant for constant, daily use. Kick the disposable bag and baggie habit with our reusable lunch, snack and sandwich bags. Healthy, safe, and adorable to boot.

I’m so happy with my purchase! The bag’s material is remarkable and it is efficient to use.
Irene Casado, February 3, 2019

Love! I have been using this bag for about a year now. I love that it is washable and it fits everything I need perfectly. If something should ever happen to my bag, I will definitely be back to buy another one.
Jen S., July 12, 2017

We’re for anything that can be used again and again. And again.

With an organic cotton exterior, Fluf snack bags contain a water-resistant lining for easy rinsing between washes: rinse the lining with mild soap and water (it dries instantly) and throw the entire bag in the washing machine anytime.

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Learn more about Fluf's sustainability and materials.


Clean Lunch, Clean Planet

It is estimated that the average school-age child brining disposable lunch packaging (baggies, foil, wax paper or packaged lunch items) generates roughly 67 pounds of waste per school year.