A woman walking in the park with white lunch bag with printing of black text of the word "Lunch" on the image circle with text "climate neutral" representing Fluf's Climate Neutral Commitment to environmental efforts

Our commitment to Becoming Climate Neutral

Fluf is committed to understanding, addressing, and remediating any environmental harm caused by the manufacturing of our bags.
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Fluf is committed to understanding, addressing, and remediating any environmental harm caused by the manufacturing of our bags. This includes everything from the materials that we use, our manufacturing practices, the impact of shipping our products to customers, and everything else that goes into running our day-to-day business.

Our company has changed a lot since our early days in 2005, but one thing has never changed: our commitment to making better products for a better world. It's a lofty goal for a tiny company, but we have always believed in the power of small actions to bring about big change. We are excited to join a growing number of businesses committed to addressing the environmental impacts of their business practices, as we all do our part to tackle climate change.

This Earth Day, we're proud to announce our commitment to becoming Climate Neutral Certified by the end of 2022. We have chosen to work with Climate Neutral, a nonprofit whose mission is to decrease global carbon emissions by creating a trusted net-zero certification process for consumer brands. 

Our current commitment is to measure, offset and reduce carbon emissions as follows:

1. First, we begin by measuring all of our 2021 greenhouse gas emissions from every process in the making and delivering of our products. This means our total footprint including direct brand emissions, indirect brand emissions, and supply chain emissions;

2. We will then offset 100% of our emissions by supporting projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere; and

3. We develop and commit to a plan for reducing our emissions moving forward. And, we stay accountable to that on an ongoing basis. 

Climate Neutral’s  certification standardizes the meaning of climate neutrality so that consumers can know that all certified companies have met the same standard for action. 

Learn more about how the Climate Neutral Certified process is helping decrease global carbon emissions and browse certified and committed brands at climateneutral.org.

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It’s like a tax. You’re taxing your business, and it says to the world outside, ‘We’re going to take responsibility, and we believe it’s the right thing to’. Even if there’s not a public price on carbon today, we’re going to put a price on carbon and pay it.

 ~ Danielle Cresswell, Klean Kanteen