Green mountains with 'What happened to Earth Day' text, brought to you by fluf eco-friendly lunch bags

Love it or Hate it, Earth Day has Changed

How a day that was once a beacon of powerful, meaningful action morphed into a day of rampant greenwashing and free tote bags
White 100% Organic Cotton Tote Bag

The Cotton Wars: Why We Choose Organic

On the surface, organic cotton seems like a no-brainer. No chemical pesticides, better for people & our planet - what's not to love?  While proponents tout the numerous benefits of organic cot...
Photo of Philip Cote holding Fulf's lunch bag with eagle bright orange background art mural

Love + Humility

If you aren't familiar with his work, we're honoured to introduce you to Philip Cote, MFA: Artist, Activist, Ancestral Knowledge Keeper, Historian & Cultural Mediator ... and most recently, Flu...
A woman walking in the park with white lunch bag with printing of black text of the word "Lunch" on the image circle with text "climate neutral" representing Fluf's Climate Neutral Commitment to environmental efforts

Our commitment to Becoming Climate Neutral

Fluf is committed to understanding, addressing, and remediating any environmental harm caused by the manufacturing of our bags.
a chair with colorful Cotton lunch bags and reusable snack bags made by fluf with the logo of the CLEAN + CONSCIOUS AWARDS 2021. Gold one and the editor's choice

WINNER Clean + Conscious awards 2021

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded both Gold and Silver (and the Editor’s Choice Award) for our Lunch Bags and Snack Bags in Australia’s 2021Clean + Conscious awards, in the ...